I signed up as Amazon delivery driver on Facebook with 3000 dollars bonus when the dsp contacted me I went for the interview and passed I had two days training and passed with the highest score 98 percent, then I went to work to do deliveries I was assigned the furthest route!!!

I did my deliveries and had my ementor score at 850 basically putting me up as a top delivery driver!! My dsp score was 785,

In my first week at work I worked for a total 42 hours and only get paid for 36 hours, in my second week at work I worked for 48 hours and only got paid for 25 hours!!!

Worst enough when I signed up for Amazon said my pay starts at18:25 an hour!!!

Other than stealing my hours of work!!! This very dsp paid me 17:50 an hour and when I asked them how this happened they basically fired me!!!

Up to today They didnt pay me my pay or time I worked on November 14th 2021!!!??

This damn dsp is called word and deed logistics???

Is there anyway you can help me or I go to court??

When I asked the owner of this how about my sign up bonus???

She just replied me ***

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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