During my call with Amazon Relay the rep called to confirm the email. Not knowing which if she was inquiring about my trucking company email or one of the other ones we have.

Once I gave her the wrong she stated that was not the email we had on file then proceeded to disconnect the call and said they would have to call back in a day or two.

I was able to catch her and give her one of the other email (which was the wrong one again) then she informed me again that was not the one you have on file then told me again you would have to call back in a day or two After discussing my call with a friend and how the rep was not helpful, the friend inform me that the email is probably the personal email not the business email in other words, if the rep had explained that instead of rushing off the phone then we could have resolved the issue and my trucking company could be working. I am new to this and learning as the process is already stressful, it would have been a big help if the customer service had been a little better.

User's recommendation: If the rep would have explained what email she is expecting or maybe she could have ask for another type of confirmation like the card of file or something..

Location: Orlando, Florida

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