We were robbed by a website called GoldenRetriversKennel.com. We spoke with the owner multiple times and eventually (foolishly) sent him the money for the golden retriever.

He told us we would be contacted by Amazon Logistics about the transportation of the dog to our house. He was to be flown from Texas to our state and picked up by Amazon Logistics and driven to our home. When Amazon Logistics called it was a person who was very hard to understand. Sounded Indian or middle eastern.

They told us to send them $1,250.00 for a temperature controlled crate. Unbeknownst to me my poor mother actually did it because they told her it was 100% refundable once the dog arrived. I only found out when they called again saying they now needed another $1,200.00 for insurance for the dog while in their vehicle. Again supposedly refundable.

He was extremely pushy and very good at his scam. When we told them we werent sending another dollar the owner Joe called back again saying I talked to my wife and we will split the fee with you since its refundable. We cant have the puppy stuck at the airport. All bs.

They kept calling but we had to cut our losses.

We called Amazon and they told us it was definitely a scam. People are pathetic.

User's recommendation: Do not trust GoldenRetriversKennel.com.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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