I reside at 170 E Dumas St. in San Bernardino CA.

I have lived in this neighborhood for over 40 years. The Amazon warehouse facility became active about 2 years ago directly across the street from my home; along with GXO. My complaint has to do with delivery trucks parking in a vacant lot across the street from my home, with engines running; air brakes going off - every day - all times of the day and night, with no consideration for the individuals who reside in this neighborhood. We understand that there is little we can do to change the "industrial gentrification" that has taken over the IE as long as the local and state politicians support it.

While we have tolerated the extra traffic, noise, dust and disrespect of the truck drivers, I now feel I am living in a Truck Stop! I have attached a video of recent activity.

The truck with the engine running has been parked there ALL DAY! I suffer because he/she is too cheap to pay for a motel room!

Location: Rialto, California

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